People seek therapy for many reasons, including difficulties with anxiety or depression, after a painful loss or a bereavement, or because they want to understand patterns of behaviour that seem hard to break. Sometimes the reason might be a challenging relationship or a difficult work situation. At other times it may be an awareness that life lacks meaning or a sense of direction. Speaking to someone impartial and professionally trained can help to understand and work through a range of difficulties in order to move forward and feel more fully alive.  Often many people are not aware of what they are struggling with, apart from feeling stuck, lonely, or desperate in a way that can have a profound effect on their lives. 

Therapy can help you understand and work through many issues, including anxiety, loss and bereavement, depression, relationship problems, trauma, body image and eating issues, work problems, self harming, suicidal feelings, panic attacks, stress, loneliness and family conflict.

Therapy is a series of regular meetings with someone who is trained to listen without judgment and help you make sense of the issues that are troubling you.  These meetings take place at the same time each week in a private and confidential setting.  The conversations are collaborative: you take an active part in them, the therapist is not there to tell you what to do or give advice.